Portrait Embroidery

Portrait Embroidery

buy Quetiapine diet pills Quite a while ago, we did a few portrait embroideries of celebrities – just for fun. The first one was this Seth Rogen embroidery, made for one of my best friends. After creating that, we were inspired to do a couple more! We had a few requests for Bill Murray so that was exactly what we did.


I was just dying to do one of Miss Coco Peru because we have a couple of friends who would really appreciate such a ridiculously amazing embroidery. If you don’t know Miss Coco Peru, this embroidery will probably scare the pants off of you. If you DO know her then I am sure you will be really proud.

Other embroideries I’d love to do next:

Ron Swanson of Parks & Recreation, Harry & Lloyd of Dumb & Dumber,  and the one and only Romy & Michele