I have to be honest, I have never given much thought to the state of South Dakota.  Before moving to Iowa, I might even be able to admit that I could barely remember it existed or where it was specifically located on an unlabeled map.  Once we moved to Estherville, we realized that we would be closer than we thought to states that we had never been to before.  Minnesota is only a 10 minute drive from our house, and South Dakota is just a 2 hour drive.  South Dakota!  Oh, the mystery!

We finally made a quick road trip there, just so we could say we’d been there.  To play it safe (since we had no idea what to “do” there) we went to the most touristy thing we could.  Sioux Falls.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!  And although I felt that it would have been even more impactful had it been left more “untouched” instead of perfectly groomed and side walked and tourist-friendly, still, it was a sight to behold.


Other states I’d really love to see:

Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Maine, Hawaii

Countries I’d really love to see:

Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Japan, Taiwan