Conscious Box: October

Conscious Box: October

I am so intrigued by all of the monthly subscription “boxes” that are popping up lately. I love the concept and it is so fun to get something in the mail each month! I had never seen one that I thought was right for me until I came across Conscious Box. They focus on natural, organic and environmentally friendly products. The boxes contain a variety of edibles, suppliments, home and personal care products all under the healthy and natural umbrella. I was intrigued so I signed up. My first box came this month so I thought I would give a little review and show you the goods! What I Loved:

Clandestino – Dark Chocolate Banana Bar? I wasn’t sure I would like it. I love chocolate but I am not a fan of bananas. I tried it anyway and what do you know? It was really, really good! More chocolate than banana for sure, so, I would buy it if I came across it again!

Larabar – I already love Larabars so this was a welcomed treat. They sent a sample size which I thought was kind of lame. Why am I paying for a sample? But the bar was good and I liked the flavor they sent (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).

Yummy Earth – I had never heard of this brand before. The product was a small, quarter sized lollipop in Sour Apple flavor. I never eat hard candy. It just doesn’t interest me. But in the spirit of trying new things I tried it. I am now SOLD on these Yummy Earth lollipops and want to buy a whole bag!

RW Garcia Dippers – Thick and crunchy, speckled with flax seeds and covered with Mango Curry flavor, these were a really unique treat to try. I loved them and would definitely buy them!

Good Light – I used to burn candles all the time but stopped after learning that it really isn’t healthy for your air quality to do so. Having these Good Light natural candles reminds me how nice it is to light candles in the evening. I love these little tea lights but now need to get my hands on some bigger ones!

GeoDeo – I have tried a number of natural deoderants since becoming pregnant last year. The link of aluminum to cancer – especially when applied daily to your skin – was enough to make me stop imediately. Gross. Natural Deoderants, however, never really WORK the way we are used to others working. So far GeoDeo has been working great for me!!


Haubourdin What I Didn’t Love:

Bumble Bar – I wanted to like this adorable little bar. A natural treat made from seeds and nuts sounds ideal but it really wasn’t satisfying at all. The taste was okay (peanut butter and honey) but having a mouth full of sesame seeds was just weird.

Crum Creek  – Included in the box was their Soy Nut Mix. It’s a trail mix with dried soy beans, rasins, tiny chocolate chips and some seeds. As open as I am to natural snacks, this one was just not good. It really was like eating little crumbs. Everything was so tiny (smaller than peas) and the soy beans were tasteless and dry. I didn’t finish it. What I Didn’t Try:

Teatulia – I love tea but can’t have caffeine right now so I couldn’t try this! The packaging looks fancy though so I imagine the tea to be really good. 🙂

Vita Rocks – These are creeping me out so I’m not going to try them. Like Pop Rocks, only vitamins? Why not just take vitamins, or better yet, eat food containing vitamins? I guess your kid is more used to eating candy than food so you must trick him.

Zarbees – This is natural cough syrup for children so we don’t have any use for this right now! Although…for a box that I paid for, it’s really annoying to see that this is a free sample on their website.


Overall, it seems it was about half and half with the hits and misses. I love the variety offered and I love discovering new products that I’ll actually want to buy more of in the future. I’m interested to see what arrives in November!