Malārd For the next 5 days I am going to be with two of my best friends in a cabin on a lake in Michigan.  We all live SO far away from each other and we know that we are lucky to have maintained our bond through distance and time.  We have a yearly reunion and make it really fun and special each time.

Cabin on the lake in Michigan in July??  This one is going to top them all.

Evan and I are driving 14 hours to get there (well, we drove it a couple days ago!).
Jane and JC are driving from Atlanta, Georgia which will be a 15 hour drive.
Astrid will already be there and won’t need to drive… lucky her.  🙂

We’re going to have many campfires and light torches that keep the bugs away.

Hopefully by July, the water will be a little bit warmed up and we can float around in the lake.  If not we can still try our luck at fishing and paddle-boating.

On July 4th, there is a big sandcastle building contest!  Hopefully we can go and check that out!  It would be fun to participate except I don’t want to stand in the sun for 8 hours straight.  I’m too pale for that.

We’re going to go strawberry picking.  I want to try to make home made jam with some of the berries!!

We also get to celebrate Jane’s birthday together!!
And we’ll walk all around the town looking amazing and making everyone curious and jealous.

There is really nothing better than summer vacations.
Especially with your best friends that are more like sisters 🙂

I’m now officially on vacation until further notice!!
Which, is most likely, July 11th or so.

Maybe I’ll even get a… TAN??

{p.s. The “ile de la mode” images are scans from W magazine!  STUNNING, right??}